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Production Supplies

Our Fleet of
Premier Vehicles

When you need the rubber to hit the road, our premier fleet delivers.

Mercedes Sprinter Van

Features a partition, high roof, and optional liftgate. A perfect choice for small footprint productions!

Ford Cargo Van

Great for small pick-ups and returns or productions that need a vehicle with smaller height restrictions.

Ford Stakebed

With a liftgate and removeable sides, this workhorse is an industry standard for productions with heavy equipment and transportation needs.

Ford F550 Cube Truck

With an attic and liftgate, this is a transportation staple for all sizes of productions and projects.

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Our Curated Packages

Not exactly sure what you might need for your production? Don’t worry, our curated, pre-assembled packages are designed for any production, so you don’t miss a thing!

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The Interview

A comprehensive package with everything needed for a simple interview, or support lighting for a quick weekend shoot.

The One Ton

The industry standard of support equipment. This package includes everything needed for mobile projects or a standalone shoot.

The Three Ton

When you need more than the regular, this has equipment that can withstand bigger demands and long-term projects.